09 近年,NMN在抗衰老領域獲得廣泛關注,究 竟NMN是否能夠有效減緩衰老的過程?香港 再生醫學有限公司主席施明耀先生在11月8日 的「NMN 揀選指南」講座中,提高人們對NMN 潛力的認識;他強調了抗衰老產品日益增長的 市場需求,並將NMN定位為一種有科學證據 支持及前景廣闊的解決方案。 「校友週」講座以現場參與及網上直播形式同步 進行,反應熱烈,三個講座共吸引了接近500 人次即時收看,截至11月底的累積觀看次數 達5,000。 校友會於11月3日舉辦了「香港故宮文化博物 館特別展覽:三星堆文明」導賞團,由HKU SPACE導賞員訓練證書課程校友林淑芬女士 擔任導賞員,帶領大家一起「凝視三星堆── 四川考古新發現」。展覽呈現了120件珍貴文 物,當中更有23件屬於國家一級文物。校友 透過文物欣賞,認識燦爛的古蜀先民的藝術世 界及生活起居,有如上了一堂寶貴的歷史課。 Unlocking the secret of anti-aging A centennial celebration of the archaeology achievements in China 為抗衰老解謎 致敬中國考古學 百年發展 In recent years, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) has gained wide attention in the field of anti-aging technology. Is NMN really able to slow down the aging process? In his talk NMN Selection Guide on 8 November, Mr Stanley SY, the President of Hong Kong Regen Medtech Limited, enlightened us with the potential of NMN. He focused on the growing needs for antiaging products in the market, positioning NMN as a promising solution supported by scientific evidence. The Alumni Week talks were held simultaneously in the form of on-site participation and online live broadcasts, The Alumni organised the Hong Kong Palace Museum Special Exhibitions Guided Tour: Gazing at Sanxingdui on 3 November. Ms Lam Shuk Fan, an alumna of HKU SPACE's Certificate in Docent Training Programme, served as a tour guide to lead everyone in the exhibition of Gazing at Sanxingdui: New Archaeological Discoveries in Sichuan in the Hong Kong Palace Museum. The exhibition presented 120 priceless exhibits, among which were 23 pieces classified as Grade-1 national treasures. Through admiring the cultural relics excavated from Sanxingdui, the audience travelled through history, and delved deep into the daily and artistic world of our ancestors in the ancient kingdom of Shu. and received an enthusiastic response from alumni. The three talks attracted nearly 500 people to watch in real-time, and the cumulative number of views by the end of November reached 5,000.