重量級講座為校友會邁向 20 週年打響頭炮 Momentous talks to kickstart the Alumni Association’s 20th anniversary journey 面對全球經濟局勢不斷變化,香港人需要以智慧 迎接種種挑戰。有見及此,學院校友會趁著慶祝 踏入二十週年,今年的「校友週2023」在十月及 十一月舉辦了不同活動,與校友一起尋找解惑的 鑰匙。 Momentous talks to kickstart the Alumni Association’s 20th anniversary journey 重量級講座為校友會邁向 20 週年打響頭炮 08 In the face of the ever-changing global economic situation, Hong Kong people need to arm themselves with knowledge and wisdom to face new challenges head-on. HKU SPACE Alumni took the opportunity to celebrate its 20th anniversary by organising the “Alumni Week 2003” with an array of events in October and November to find the key to solving these problems together with the alumni. 在美國激進加息及內房債務危機的雙重打擊 下,香港供樓一族隨時變成「負資產」。著名股 評家胡孟青小姐在10月27日的「通脹浪潮下 的資產保本策略」講座中,為大家分析目前中 港市場情勢及如何應對持續的通脹壓力,並展 望未來經濟走向。 Safeguarding your assets 為資產保本 Under the dual strikes of an aggressive interest rate policy by the FED and the debt crisis among Mainland property developers, the assets of Hong Kong investors and homeowners may become “negative equity” at any time. In her talk Asset Allocation Strategy Against Inflation on 27 October, renowned financial analyst and commentator Ms Agnes Wu analysed the current markets in Mainland China and Hong Kong for us, shared strategies to cope with the persistent pressures of inflation, and provided insights into future economic trends. 香港生活節奏急促緊張,都市人往往忙於事業 及家庭而疏於照顧自己。不少人更受到負面 情緒困擾,以致影響身體健康。有見及此,校 友會邀請到「心呼吸」創辦人常霖法師和HKU SPACE校友及「心呼吸」大使周家怡小姐於 11月1日教導大家覺察自己內心的聲音,並透 過用心感受當下呼吸的簡易心安方法,離苦得 樂,安然處之。 Channeling your inner peace 為情緒解困 The city’s fast-paced lifestyle is putting many people under stress. They are often too busy with work and family to take care of themselves. Some are so troubled by negative emotions that even their physical health is affected. Venerable Chang Lin, the founder of “Pause and Breathe”, and Ms Catherine Chau, HKU SPACE alumni and the ambassador of “Pause and Breathe”, were invited by the Alumni to deliver a talk on 1 November to teach us to listen to our inner voice, to be free from suffering and at peace through the simple method of mindful breathing exercise.