07 HKU SPACE International College (IC) was established in 2003 under the name “Centre for International Degree Programmes (CIDP)”. Starting with the key objective of providing an alternative articulation pathway for sub-degree graduates of the HKU SPACE Community Colleges, it collaborates with prestigious overseas partners to offer nonlocal degree programmes for students to gain an internationally recognised qualification benchmarked with world-class standards. Over the past two decades, IC has witnessed more than 9,000 graduates contributing to society in various sectors. To commemorate its 20th anniversary this year, the College organised an Alumni Reunion on 15 July 2023. Former Heads of IC, faculty members and students, alumni, representatives of overseas partners, and the management of the College gathered together to celebrate this momentous occasion, to witness the growth and transformation over the past 20 years, and to share what they had learned through international education in Hong Kong. A twenty-year journey: thriving in challenging times The ceremony was kicked off with a welcome speech by Dr Dorothy Chan, Deputy Director (Administration and Resources) of HKU SPACE and former Head of IC. She once again highlighted the missions of the College and its development in different phases, “In collaboration with overseas universities, we are able to develop more flexible and dynamic programmes based on overseas experience to the benefit of our students.” After Dr Chan’s inspiring words, three former Heads of IC also shared their unforgettable memories of their service to the College. Dr Eddy Lee told us about his prime time and joyous experience during his tenure as the Head of IC, and shared his philosophy in education, “It’s actually dangerous to be a specialist who knows a lot about a specific field, but is so ignorant about other fields. During my tenure, I tried my very best to organise different activities to cut across the board to involve students of different programmes.” Dr FT Chan recalled his happy moments and precious memories with the IC family. To him, this ceremony was “a kind of thanksgiving to all the colleagues in the HKU SPACE family, [and to] all the students, alumni, teachers, and also our overseas partners”. Looking back to the days when he grew together with the College, Mr Ken Wong remembered, “I was given the opportunity to manage the College of a population of 2,000 full-time students with over 100 academic staff, as well as over 20 partners. It was a very good moment for me.” Roundtable discussion: The Significance of International Degrees The climax of the ceremony was a roundtable discussion on the topic of “The Significance of International Degrees to Hong Kong Students”, where the three former Heads, joined by Dr Richard Parkman, Associate Professor from the University of Plymouth, had a lively exchange of valuable ideas and insights. The session brought us an intellectually stimulating and engaging conversation, which helped us gain a deeper understanding of the importance and advantages of an international degree, the challenges of offering their programmes in Hong Kong, the synergies with overseas university partners, the trends of international education, and its impact on our society. The anniversary celebration came to an end when outstanding alumni shared their learning experience in the College and their adventure after graduation. “This programme provides me with diverse perspectives, international recognition, and invaluable knowledge,” said Ms Coco Wong, BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching graduate of the Northumbria University in 2021, “This is how everything begins, from realisation to a journey full of inspiration, and from a dream to business.”