第八十一期 學院通訊編輯委員會 ISSUE 81 HKU SPACE Newsletter Editorial Team 委員 Members 祁樂彬 Dr John Cribbin 莫綺媚 Susanna Mok 林銘儀 Cherie Lam 設計師 Designer 余惠君 Iris Yu 地址 Address 香港金鐘道95號統一中心12樓A & B室 Units A & B, 12/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong 電郵 Email 電話 Tel 2975 5680 傳真 Fax 2546 3538 Follow us @HKUSPACE 香港大學專業進修學院乃非牟利擔保有限公司 HKU SPACE is a non-profit making University company limited by guarantee 12 81 ISSUE In relation to the International Quality Review, the German Agency, the Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) has now confirmed that our institutional accreditation seal has been extended for 5 years until 30 September 2028. This confirms that HKU SPACE fulfils the institutional, procedural and cultural requirements for good teaching and successful learning. The experts commended that “HKU SPACE's institutional leadership is particularly strong, and the institution is procedurally rigorous.” Professor William K.M. Lee, Director of HKU SPACE, said, “We are delighted to receive this recognition from ASIIN, which grants us a 5-year extension of our Accreditation Seal. This demonstrates the global acknowledgement of our quality assurance systems. The positive report reinforces our unwavering dedication to professional and continuing education, as well as lifelong learning. It affirms the strength of our governance structure and the soundness of our quality assurance systems, aligned with international standards.” The ASIIN review was carried out on 5 July 2022 in the form of a virtual audit by the international expert panel. The accreditation was based on the Criteria for the ASIIN System Seal / Institutional Accreditation / Institutional Assessment. This set of criteria is designed for quality development in teaching and learning. The criteria refer to (I) the definition of quality and its management, (II) their application in the educational provisions the Higher Education Institution (HEI) is offering, (III) the management of its resources and (IV) quality related transparency and documentation. The report showed that HKU SPACE scored high in the four sets of criteria. The strongest categories were quality management systems/ governance, the process for the creation and development of study programmes as well as rules and regulations and transparency and documentation. The Panel concluded HKU SPACE has a strong base to build on and promising potential to further develop as a World Class Centre of Excellence in Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning and Transnational Education. 有關德國工程、信息科學、自然科學和數學專 業認證機構(ASIIN)協助學院進行的國際學術 質素評審,確認學院在機構、程序及文化方面, 已達到良好教學及成功學習的要求,由ASIIN向 學院頒授的機構認證標誌獲延續五年至2028年 9月30日。評審專家讚揚,「香港大學專業進修 學院在機構領導層面尤其優秀,而且在執行上 嚴謹縝密」。 學院院長李經文教授表示:「我們對於ASIIN機 構認證標誌獲延續五年,感到十分鼓舞,反映我 們的學術質素保證制度獲得國際認同。是次評審 報告結果正面,再次鞏固了我們對專業和持續教 育以及終生學習堅定不移的決心及承諾。它肯定 了我們管治架構的優勢和學術質素保證制度的穩 健性,並完全符合國際標準。」 ASIIN的評審工作於2022年7月5日由國際專家 以虛擬評審形式進行。有關認證以ASIIN制度標 誌/機構評審/機構評核的準則作為依據,注重 教學的質素發展,並考慮:(I)學術質素的定義及 管理;(II)在高等教育機構所提供的教育課程上 的應用;(III)資源管理;以及(IV)與學術質素相 關的透明度與文書紀錄。 學院在四大範疇均有卓越表現,而且在學術質素 管理制度/管治、課程開拓和發展過程、守則和 規例,以及透明度和文書紀錄方面尤其出色。 評審小組總結認為學院具備穩健根基和深遠潛 力,可望在持續教育、終身學習和跨國教育的領 域上發展成為領導國際的優質學府。 HKU SPACE receives 5-Year extension of ASIIN Accreditation Seal ASIIN 機構認證標誌獲延續五年 DEC 2023 ASIIN 機構認證標誌獲延續五年 HKU SPACE receives 5-Year extension of ASIIN Accreditation Seal Learn more about the School 了解學院更多