探索清酒精緻甘醇之旅 Discover the rich and complex beauty of sake 日本清酒凝聚了各地文化、各個酒廠的釀造手藝,是 日本料理的最佳餐酒搭配,更是日本人引以為傲的 飲食文化重要組成部分。眾所周知,香港人愛品酒, 更熱愛日本美食,香港清酒愛好者也就日益增加。 有見及此,學院除了定期推出日本清酒課程外,更特 意在11月25日至12月2日舉辦為期八日七夜的「日 本關西清酒『藏人體驗』x賞楓x品酒遊學團」,為學 員安排了一次難能可貴的文化之旅。 遊學期間,同學造訪西山酒造場,親身體驗到一般不 對外開放的清酒「藏人」(釀造清酒專家)釀酒工序流 程;在隨團資深清酒老師、酒造社長、首席釀酒師 或「藏人」的指導下,走進清酒釀造之心臟地帶,體 驗了洗米、蒸米、製麴、發酵和過瀘等一絲不苟的釀 酒程序,並透過品嘗數十款清酒,認識它們各自的特 性和搭配的菜餚,從而提升了對清酒的品鑒技巧和 能力。此外,同學亦參與了日本啤酒工廠的見學團及 宇治茶道體驗工作坊,得以了解啤酒製程及領略傳 統茶道文化的魅力。美酒配佳餚,行程當然少不了品 味地道日本料理與清酒的絕配,不僅滿足了同學的 味蕾,還讓大家加深對日本飲食文化的理解。時值深 秋,楓葉已染上秋色,同學也步入日本庭園,欣賞滿 佈楓紅的浪漫美景,並在濃濃的秋意下道別關西。 Japanese sake embodies the culture of various regions and brewing techniques of different breweries. It is a perfect match for Japanese cuisine and an important part of the culinary culture that the Japanese are proud of. As we all know, Hong Kong people enjoy wine and dine. Japanese delicacies, without a doubt, are one of their favourites, resulting in the increasing number of sake lovers in the city. In the light of the emerging sake fever, besides introducing regular sake courses, the School also organised an eight-day and sevennight "Japanese Sake Study Tour: Brewing Experience x Autumn Leaves x Sake Tasting" from 25 November to 2 December, providing the students with an invaluable cultural journey. During the tour, the students visited the Nishiyama Brewery to experience the brewing process run by the kurabito (sake brewery worker), which is usually not open to the public. Guided by the School's sake teacher, the brewery director, the chief brewer, and the kurabito, the students stepped into the heart of sake brewing and discovered the meticulous brewing process, which included rice washing, steaming, koji making, fermentation process, and filtration. They were given the opportunity to taste dozens of sakes, learning about the unique characteristics and the dishes that go well with them, and improving their skills in sake tasting. The students also participated in a Japanese beer brewery tour and a Uji tea ceremony workshop, where they dived into the beer-making process and embraced the charm of the traditional Chado culture. As a part of the study tour, the students were able to experience the authentic pairing of Japanese cuisine and sake, which not only pleased their taste buds, but also deepened their understanding of the Japanese culinary culture. As late autumn colours fall, the maple leaves were tinted in various shades of yellow, orange and red. Before saying sayonara to Kansai, the students spent their last part of the study tour in a Japanese garden to enjoy the romantic beauty of the fiery autumn. 11 Discover the rich and complex beauty of sake 探索清酒 精緻甘醇之旅