一點鐘講堂 學多一點點 1pm Talk: Learn a Little More 2023 國際生態經濟年會暨可持續發展論壇 International Ecological Economy Annual Conference and Sustainable Development Forum 2023 10 香港大學校外課程部(學院前身)於1966年 首次在大會堂舉辦午間講堂,為社會上不同 需要人士如家庭主婦、輪班工作或在港短暫 停留的人士提供午間課程,更讓上班族能活 用午膳時間學習新知識,是學部當年一個非 常重要的教學環節,也是將持續教育推廣至 社區的有效舉措。 走過66年歲月,午間講堂已蛻變為一點鐘講 堂,學院繼續傳承服務社區的精神,利用金 鐘教學中心交通便利的地理優勢, 為有志進修人士提供多元化課程。 講堂系列包括:「智慧健康人生」如 香港常見癌症的飲食防治、天然化 妝品背後的真相;「生命科學與新 科技」如自然療法、氣功養生的秘 密;「金融法規多面睇」如數據分析 的黃金定律等。為配合數碼時代步 伐,部分講堂更會移師線上舉行, 讓上班一族繼續活用午膳時間吃個 智慧午餐。 Mid-day lectures were first introduced in 1966 by HKU’s Department of ExtraMural Studies (HKU SPACE’s predecessor) and were held in City Hall. These lectures enabled people who were too busy to attend normal class times such as housewives, shift workers, or people staying in Hong Kong for a short time to make use of their lunch break to learn something new. It was, at the time, a very 一點鐘講堂 學多一點點 1pm Talk: Learn a Little More important teaching tool, and an effective measure to promote continuing education to the wider community. After 66 years, these lunchtime lectures have evolved into the 1pm Talk. Continuing with the School’s ethos of serving the community, the programme takes advantage of the Admiralty Learning Centre’s prime location to provide a diverse range of courses for people interested in pursuing further studies. The lecture series covers topics such as A Smart and Healthy Life regarding the dietary prevention of common cancers in Hong Kong and the reality behind natural cosmetics; Life Science and New Technology about natural treatments and the secrets of Qigong; and A Multifaceted View of Financial Regulations on the golden rules of data analysis and more. In keeping with the digital age, some lectures have been moved online, allowing workers to use their lunch hour productively. 2023國際生態經濟年會暨可持續發展論壇於 2023年12月12至13日在北京、香港兩地同 時舉行。論壇聚集了數十位北京和香港的專 業人士和學者,探討生態經濟學、可持續發 展及其他相關領域的最新研究和進展,包括 新自然經濟和轉型、環境治理、可持續供應 鏈管理等。 作為香港平行論壇的主要協辦方, 學院院長李經文教授致開幕詞。而 特許公認會計師公會香港分會會長 及德勤中國高級顧問傅振煌博士, 亦發表了專業會計師在維護數字金 融誠信的重要角色的主旨報告。 學院亦邀請了四位嘉賓進行了一場 數字金融的主題演講,討論數字金 融的未來,以及Web 3.0 的策略與 實踐。 The 2023 International Ecological Economy Annual Conference and Sustainable Development Forum took place from 12 to 13 December 2023 simultaneously in Beijing and Hong Kong. This collaborative event brought together dozens of professionals and scholars from both cities to delve into the latest research 2023國際生態經濟年會暨可持續發展論壇 International Ecological Economy Annual Conference and Sustainable Development Forum 2023 and advancements in eco-economics, sustainability, and other related fields. Topics of discussion included the new natural economy and transformation, environmental governance, and sustainable supply chain management. As the main co-organiser of the Parallel Forum in Hong Kong, Professor William K.M. Lee, Director of HKU SPACE, delivered an opening speech. Dr Danny Po, Chairman of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Hong Kong and Senior Advisor of Deloitte China, presented a keynote speech highlighting the crucial role of professional accountants in upholding integrity in digital finance. Furthermore, the School invited four guests to deliver talks on the topic of digital finance, exploring prospects and Web 3.0 strategies and practices.