第八十二期 學院通訊編輯委員會 ISSUE 82 HKU SPACE Newsletter Editorial Team 委員 Membersv 祁樂彬 Dr John Cribbin 莫綺媚 Susanna Mok 林銘儀 Cherie Lam 設計師 Designer 余惠君 Iris Yu 地址 Address 香港金鐘道95號統一中心12樓A & B室 Suites A & B, 12/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong 電郵 Email 電話 Tel 2975 5680 傳真 Fax 2546 3538 Follow us @HKUSPACE 香港大學專業進修學院乃非牟利擔保有限公司 HKU SPACE is a non-profit making University company limited by guarantee 12 82 ISSUE The exponential advancements of generative AI have had a profound influence on the field of education. In line with HKU's commitment to generative AI, the School has integrated AI into its curriculum, incorporating AI elements into teaching and syllabi starting from the 2023/24 academic year. This strategic approach aims to equip students with the necessary guidance to utilise AI effectively and ethically while also ensuring that they develop a solid proficiency in AI tools that align with the demands of future employers. Centralising AI tools for enhanced learning HKU SPACE is committed to investing in and utilising advanced technology as well as available learning resources to promote innovative and creative teaching pedagogies that elevate the learning journey. By incorporating generative AI into our educational practices, we offer students dynamic and interactive learning experiences tailored to their individual needs and abilities. This personalised approach not only encourages active engagement and participation but also enhances overall learning outcomes. To further this commitment, the School launched the "HKU SPACE AI Hub" in January 2024, which embodied our goal to embrace technology in teaching and learning. The AI Hub is a platform that provides access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and resources, designed to support all staff, teachers, part-time and full-time students alike within the School in their pursuit of learning, experimentation, and innovation with AI. This platform brings together the latest AI tools such as ChatGPT, generative AI, and big data analytics, consolidating them into a single website accessible to all staff, teachers, and students of the School. The e-Learning Team will provide comprehensive training and support to users to maximise the benefits of the platform. The School’s objective is to equip teachers and students with AI solutions that not only enrich their teaching and learning experiences, but also enhance learning outcomes, improve work performance and productivity, and optimise various tasks and processes. Furthermore, the School aims to cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity within the HKU SPACE community, and to inspire new ideas and provide practical solutions to real-world problems. AI Hub url: 生成式人工智能的爆炸性增長為教育界帶來了重大 影響。學院依循香港大學生成式人工智能的政策, 把人工智能納入課程之中,並已於2023/24學年開 始在教學及課程大綱中引入人工智能元素,一方面 指導學生如何正確及合乎道德地使用人工智能,另 一方面讓學生熟悉並掌握使用人工智能工具的能 力,以符合未來僱主的期許。 人工智能工具提升學習效能 學院一直致力投資和運用先進科技及現有的學習 資源,推動創新和具創意的教學法,以提升學習體 驗。在教學中採用生成式人工智能,可以根據學員 的需求和能力打造動態和互動的學習體驗,從而實 現個性化教育、促進學生參與及投入程度,提高學 習成果。為此,學院於2024年1月推出「人工智能 中心 (HKU SPACE AI Hub)」,以實踐在教學中擁 抱科技的目標。 人工智能中心是一個提供尖端人工智能技術和資源 的平台,協助學院職員、全日制及兼讀制的老師及 學生透過使用人工智能進行學習、體驗和創新。 平台將最新的人工智能工具如ChatGPT、生成式 人工智能、大數據分析等整合到一個網站上,供學 院所有教職員和學生使用。學院的網絡學習組將為 使用者提供全面的培訓及支援,讓平台達到最大效 益。 學院希望透過提供人工智能解決方案,豐富老師及 學生的教學和學習體驗,提升學習成果;並可以加 強教職員的工作效率和生產力,優化各種任務和流 程。此外,亦可培養HKU SPACE社群的創新和創 造力文化,激發他們的新想法和解決方案的靈感。 AI Hub網址: Building an AI Hub for Education through Technology 教學擁抱科技 打造人工智能中心 APR 2024 Learn more about the School 了解學院更多 教學擁抱科技 打造人工智能中心 Building an AI Hub for Education through Technology