03 隨着時代進步,九龍東分校的入口大堂重新裝修,設 計以「高科技與陽光」為主題,既突顯年輕活力,同時 亦保持優雅的氣質。 柔和的自然光線經入口處透進室內,與大堂的天幕燈 相遇,構成了開放而好客的效果。牆上的幾何線條呈 現出動態的視覺風格,創造了充滿現代感的氛圍。座 位區採用線條流暢的家具,設計簡約而不失典雅大 方,營造成一個舒適的社交空間。我們還加強了學生 設施,包括大型 LED 螢幕和學生休閒設施,如更衛 生的水機等。 為了促進工程課程的現代化教學,我們將三間課室合 併成為一個具空間感的嶄新工程教學實驗室,配備靜 電桌和相關設備、高架地板以及相應的電子設備和演 示音視頻系統設施,提升學生的學習體驗。 港島東分校的玻璃大門設計有助引進自然光,打造 室內通透開闊的視覺效果;綴以藍色門框,高雅脫 俗,配以牆上的大型電子屏幕,播放學院最新短片, 既能體現與現代科技接軌的意念,亦增添動感與朝 氣。 新大堂設計概念以融合創新、舒適和現代元素為主。 接待處的流線型前台設計充滿時代感,深淺色調營 造出不同層次,在視覺上擴闊了空間感和現代氣氛, 予人平靜而安穩的感覺。 In keeping with the times, the new lobby of the Kowloon East Campus is set in the theme of “High Technology and Sunshine”, emphasising youthfulness and vitality while upholding elegant designs. Soft natural light streams in through the entrance and meets the canopy lighting in the The design of the glass doors of Island East Campus helps to bring in natural light and create a transparent and open visual effect. The polished blue door frames, together with a large electronic screen on the wall showing the latest short videos about the School, not only reflect the idea of tapping into modern technology, but also embodies dynamism and vitality. The design concept of the new lobby is based on innovation, comfort and modernity. The streamlined front desk at the reception is full of contemporary design. With different layers of dark and light colours, visually expanding the sense of space and modern atmosphere, it exudes a feeling of serenity and balance for the visitors. 九龍東分校: 匠心獨運 突顯活力 港島東分校: 接軌科技 創新時代 Kowloon East Campus: a unique design to emphasise vitality Island East Campus: connecting with technology and innovation lobby, creating an open and welcoming effect. The geometric lines on the walls present a dynamic visual style, shaping a contemporary atmosphere. The featured seat adopts curved lines in a simple and elegant design, building a comfortable social space. We have also enhanced the campus’s facilities to include a large LED screen and other student facilities such as a bottle filler for better hygiene of our students. To facilitate modern teaching for Engineering programmes, we have merged three classrooms into a tailored Engineering Teaching Lab with electro-static tables and related equipment, a raised floor, and respective electronic devices and presentation AV system, enhancing the student learning experience.