05 HKU SPACE Community College (“the College”) was founded in 2000. It was the first higher education institution that provides full-time sub-degree programmes, setting an important milestone in the history of higher education in Hong Kong. The 22nd Graduation Ceremony of the College was successfully held on 28 September 2023 in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Professor Gerard Postiglione, Emeritus and Honorary Professor from the Faculty of Education was invited as the Guest of Honour and Professor Sonny S.H. Lo, Acting Community College Principal conferred the sub-degrees on the graduates. Graduates, their parents and teachers of the College attended the ceremony to share the happiness. Words of inspiration: journey to a lifelong education At the ceremony, Professor Postiglione and Professor Lo gave their speeches respectively. Professor Postiglione gave his heartfelt congratulations on the students' achievements, “This is a proud moment for you and your family. The education you received here is not only knowledge, but also skills, adaptability, analytical thinking, and most importantly, resilience. These qualities will guide you and forge your individual path. Education is a lifelong journey. Remember to stay hungry, stay curious, open up your mind, and pursue new ways of seeing the world.” Professor Lo also applauded the students' hard work, acknowledging the dedication and perseverance they have shown in the past two years. He encouraged them to keep moving forward on the journey of life, “Your graduation today embarks on the new beginning of your life-long journey. The key to your future success is modesty. Be humble and continue to be a life-long learner not only in your own discipline but also in other areas, so that you will be a well-rounded person in your personal and professional development.” After the speech, Professor Postiglione presented the Outstanding Teacher Awards in recognition of the teachers' excellent performance in teaching, Professor Lo conferred the Associate Degrees or Higher Diplomas on graduates from different divisions, including the Division of Arts and Humanities, Economics and Business, Engineering and Technology, English, Mathematics and Science, and Social Sciences. Different awards and scholarships were presented to graduates who achieved outstanding academic results or made a significant contribution to the community. Words of memories: equipped with knowledge, towards the future As the moment of farewell finally came, Tse Wing Yan, the graduate representative delivered a valedictory speech. She was grateful to the teachers for being their life tutor and role model, to the family for their unconditional love, and to the classmates for supporting each other on the way to academic pursuit. “As we bid farewell to our college life and turn to new chapters of our life, let us treasure the lessons we have learned, the friendships we have forged, and the memories we have created. Today, we stand united as a class, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that await us.” Sharing learning experience Jonathan, a graduate of the Associate of Arts in Media, Cultural and Creative Studies, said, “The College offers a lot of freedom. The courses are designed to meet the needs of society, the workplace and the job market. The lecturers maintain a close relationship with the students by always providing support and encouragement, offering us valuable advice on our future academic pursuit.” Sophie, who graduated from the programmes of Associate of Social Sciences, enjoyed her college life very much, “The atmosphere here is relaxing, and there is a strong sense of mutual support and love among students.” She also sent her words of encouragement to the HKDSE candidates, “Although people do not share the same learning path and destination, knowledge can be acquired wherever you go.” Chloe, who was a graduate with a Higher Diploma in Business, also enjoyed making friends, “Students can get to know each other and build up friendships through different activities organised by the College.” She also said to secondary school graduates, “Failing to pass the HKDSE is not the end of the world. HKU SPACE Community College’s Higher Diploma programme provides an alternative pathway to university admission.”