03 除了文頴怡生物醫學科學實驗室外,港島南分校同時 設有以下特別教室,以加強電子學習及科技在教學上的 應用,以及支援學習為本的訓練。 The Island South Campus also houses other unique facilities, which are designed to enhance digital learning experiences and applications of technologies in teaching and learning. To honour the generosity and support for the biomedical education given by Ms Ginny Man, the School named the biomedical science laboratory after her as the “Ginny Man Biomedical Science Laboratory” at a ceremony held on 23 May 2023. Officiating alongside Ms Man were Professor Ian Holliday, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HKU SPACE; Professor William K.M. Lee, Director of HKU SPACE, and Professor William Leung, Chairman of the HKU SPACE Foundation. At the ceremony, Professor Leung expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Ms Man for her staunch support of the School and the students. Ms Man hoped the laboratory would become a vibrant centre of research and education, nurture more biomedical science talent in Hong Kong and make a significant impact in the years to come. The 320-square-meter Biomedical Science Laboratory is equipped with state-of-theart biotechnology training facilities, including a Sanger sequencer and a next-generation sequencer for sequencing DNA to study genetic variations associated with diseases or other biological phenomena, a microtome to slice tissues for laboratory testing, real-time PCR instruments, fluorescent microscope, blood testing system with column agglutination technology, CO2 incubators, an ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer, ultrapure water system, and a variety of routine biomedical instruments and devices (e.g. centrifuge, spectrophotometer, and etc.). The laboratory provides teaching facilities covering all four major sections of medical laboratory science including clinical chemistry, haematology and serology, histopathology and cytology, and medical microbiology. The facilities can also be used for molecular diagnostic tests such as in oncology, microbiology, and prenatal tests. The laboratory is also equipped with an interactive digital whiteboard that allows students to view biological specimens under the microscope, enhancing interaction with the instructor and making it an ideal classroom for professional education in biomedical sciences from introductory level to master’s degrees. In fact, the Higher Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science is the only parttime programme in Hong Kong that enables students to register as Medical Laboratory Technologists under Cap. 359 Supplementary Medical Professions Ordinance (SMPO). 5/F 4/F 3/F 2/F 1/F G/F 文頴怡生物醫學科學實驗室 Ginny Man Biomedical Science Laboratory 多用途資訊科技實驗室 Multi-purpose Information Technology Laboratory 電腦室 Computer Laboratories 岩土實驗室 Geotechnical Laboratory 虛擬實境體驗室 VR Laboratory CAVE體驗室 CAVE Laboratory 飛機維修實驗室 Aircraft Maintenance Laboratory 航空學綜合教室 Collaborative Learning Area for Aviation 電競模擬場館 eSports Mock-up Stadium 飛機模擬駕駛艙及 飛機模擬客艙實驗室 Aircraft Mock-up Cabin & Flight Simulator Lab 501-6 402 403-404 301-303 304 305 205 104 105 G7-8